Race to be Compliant

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Privaci.ai sponsored IAPP's Booth

Plug in, recharge, and network with industry experts on automation
and orchestration for GDPR privacy compliance.

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How to Win

Random drawing to be held in the Privaci.ai’s Booth on Nov. 21 (Thursday) at 12pm - local time

Hours for
Live Registration

Online entries accepted until Nov 21, 11am – local time.
Winner or appointed representative* MUST BE PRESENT to win!

Rules & Regulations

*Public sector, government members,  SECURITI Inc. employees, partners or associates are NOT ELIGIBLE to redeem the grand prize. Contestants must be 18-years old or older. Additional fees/taxes related to licensing, documentation and freight will NOT be covered by SECURITI Inc. The prize CANNOT be redeemed in cash or any monetary format.

Rules and regulations available at SECURITI’s lounge upon request.

** One (1) entry per individual/company. The prize is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Only the winner will be able to redeem at the dealership upon the presentation of a government-issued document with photo.
***Entries will be accepted through registration on the website from Nov. 19th through Nov. 21st till 11:00am local time and through presential badge scanning at IAPP Europe Data Congress 2019.

Drawing will take place at the SECURITI booth on Nov. 21 at 12:00pm local time. Contestants who signed up onsite MUST be present to win while the ones who registered through the website MUST have at least one representative from the same company onsite for redeeming the prize on the behalf of the winner. In either situation, the winner or representative will be required to provide his/her contact information to the SECURITI Inc. representative onsite as well as a government-issued document with photo as an identification proof.

This Privacy Notice details how SECURITI Inc. will process and protect your personal data collected at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2019, in accordance with SECURITI Inc. Data Privacy Statement* which can be found at www.securiti.ai/dataprivacystatement.

You agree that by having your badge scanned at SECURITI Inc. booth space and/or by completing the online form (www.privaci.ai/events/iapp-brussels) required for the Vespa Sprint's raffle, you will be providing your contact information to SECURITI Inc. and therefore, you consent to being contacted via email or telephone by the company for the purposes of discussing or receiving information and/or marketing communications about the company’s products and services.

You can have your contact information removed from SECURITI Inc. database or unsubscribe  at any time by clicking on the opt-out link available on all of our email communications or by contacting SECURITI Inc. through privacy@securiti.ai. If you wish to enforce any of your rights under the applicable local privacy legislation, please use the contact details included in the privacy statement available on our website www.securiti.ai/dataprivacystatement.

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