Connect structured and unstructured data sources and automatically discover and build a relationship map between personal data and its owner.

Secure PI Linking

Prevents PI sprawl while creating the PI graph

Global PI View

Insights about identities, PI data, residencies and data location

PI Risk Understanding

Insights about compliance risk for PI data across systems

DSR Automation Enabler

For swift and accurate fulfilment of DSR requests

Breach Notice Enabler

For quick notification to impacted data subjects

Conversational Interface

To ask questions and get insights about PI data using natural language

How it works

Connect Auti bot to your data systems

To find and link personal data to its owner. Across internal data systems, IaaS and SaaS.

Intelligent scanning

Learn the data systems and adapt and optimize deep scanning according to organizational needs.

Intelligent scanning

Learn the data systems and adapt and optimize deep scanning according to organizational needs.

Intelligent scanning

Adapt data scanning according to organizational needs and data layout. Improve efficiency and improve resource utilization.

AI-assisted discovery of personal data

Based on NLP, pattern matching and image detection, detect personal data across structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, on-prem or in the cloud.

Automatic classification of personal data

Classification into unique categories, such as biographic, demographic, financial, unique identifier, geography, name, physical descriptions, medical, and networking.

Index and hash PD

All detected PD records are hashed using one-way hashing algorithms and the original data is discarded.

Automatic linking of personal data to user

Link personal data to user identity. Limit the sprawl of PI data through linking.

Build PI heatmap across systems and geographies

Provides important insights about PI data spread across systems.

Ask Auti about personal data across systems

Auti provides insights into data ownership, residency and consent status.

Build relationship map of PI data across systems

Slice and dice relationships between PI data, attributes, residencies, data locations and data sources.

Get insights about personal data from Auti

Auti can provide insights into PI data discovered within the organization.

Large Number of Supported Data Sources

Personal data discovery and owner identification is made possible for a large number of structured and unstructured data sources, across internal applications hosted in IaaS or on-premises, or SaaS

Learn about the emerging
discipline of PrivacyOps

PrivacyOps is the combination of philosophies, practices, cross-functional collaboration, automation, and orchestration that increases an organization’s ability to comply with a myriad of global privacy regulations reliably and with greater speed. 

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